Uninspired, Thinking is Rebellion

Wide and narrow, an unlimited net of influence and a refined sense of value— we absorb the world around us, but must have a clear understanding of what appeals or interests us. To look inward at what drives us and connects with our unique perceptions and struggles, this is crucial self reflection. I aspire to always maintain an inventory of what I enjoy or what makes me feel heard, what makes me feel something significant. 

External and internal concepts are gifted to us if we’re willing to take them on. Inspiration requires the digestion, and transformation, of the ideas of others and raw abstractions we think are our own. Willingness to absorb and rebel against restriction is necessary to be open to inspiration. Being concise with your values and intentions will condense the vague into the valuable.

Lacking confidence or the meditative energy needed to contemplate your inspiration is not a roadblock, it’s a part of the creative process. We work because we all have goals and insecurities, actions that will bridge the gap become our joy— writing, drawing, painting, singing, mathematics, training, woodworking, sciences, aid in living spiritfully and inquisitively. Things that seem to stand in our way simply exist to free us. Our challenges educate and elevate us.

“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.” Said Albert Camus, and I’m inspired by these words to rethink the act of struggle. Our difficulties aren’t reflections of ourselves as individuals, but how we think about and perceive ourselves is something we can consciously cultivate in an empowering way, our environment is restrictive in many senses but we all have the capacity to free ourselves. We may view all in its vast capacity to influence and inspire. We may be violently oppressed, restricted, suppressed, but that pressure builds a culminating counter-force.

I will not be complicit in my own stifling. Often we smother newborn ideas with callousness or insecurity, pretences, skewed values. Attempts leading in perceived failure cause us to shy away from retrying or adapting. Rarely does a full idea appear to us refined and intricate, that’s where the work comes in. Taking in these ideas of freedom and rebellion, vague and concise, we can better understand how our mind processss and procures creative information. 

I will offset the weight pushed upon me and find balance.

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