Exploration Sketchbook

To combat a feeling of stagnation in my work I’ve begun a research sketchbook/journal to delve more in-depth into my inspirations. Studying the familiar aspects of artists I admire and how they apply to my own practice, cross referencing motifs and concepts I wish to become educated in, and developing a further understanding of traditional fine art techniques, these are goals I will implement as guides in advancing my art, how and what I express as an artist, and what drives me to create art. The six artists that I feel represent my interests in art that I will include in my research are James Gurney and his book Color and Light, Bosch and the area of religious and fantastical art, Basquiat and street art, neo-expressionism, and social commentary, Tabaimo and her contemporary interpretations of woodblock prints, Peter Delidgisch of Peter Draws and the soul of freehand linework, and finally Katie Scott and clean art of botanical illustration.

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