What I Love About Your Feelings

I appreciate the warm joy of your laughter, earthy and chortled. I’m laying in a grassy meadow warmed by the sun. There are many things I love about your happiness. Beautiful, and when your face relaxes, your toothy smile is bright and reflective of your inner child reached by glee. Comfortable, impressionable, expressional— I appreciate your sadness as well, how open you are with me, the complex depth of your feeling. I love you. 

You are ethereal. A precious spirit, beloved and suffered, your blushed cheeks and wide full eyes when you cry would be painted on canvas. The diaphanous shell around us all becomes rippled water as your emotions pass through. That we are given the chance to bear witness to your unwavering atlas backbone is an honour. 

Boldly, you defy triviality with existential grace. You are here as a presence who is affected subatomically by emotions, you feel them truly and raw. I am in awe of you. Rare few experience life the way you do. Ignorant belittlers might shame you for your envelopment in feeling or find weakness in the strength of the weight you carry.

Your pleasure manifests a brighter world, and your pain is martyrdom, the sacred ashes in the burning of a heretic. I respect the impact of your existence. I thank you. I love you so dearly and by virtue of you, your love for me has actualized connection to myself. You have willed me to rise up, and I have. The power of your presence bends reality. I’m allured by your rift in the universe, the cataclysmic metaphysical creature of love that you are has enraptured me.

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