Extending Energy Outward

Usually the universe won’t come to you. Spiritual awakening must be worked toward, self understanding fought for. We walk toward the future. We extend our soul beyond our confines to drag what we need toward us. It’s difficult, we want to conserve our energy and keep ourselves internally protected but stagnancy only isolates and restricts us. Eventually we may feel secure enough to reach out.

I fret about wasting energy. I remind myself that an attempt to unleash my energy upon the universe holds value through effort and integration. If nothing comes from giving up that energy, the action is still worth it by proxy of practice. I’m still submitting one of my stitches into the threaded cosmic workings. 

I am here to experience the consistency and chaos. I am here to give back for every gift, take back everything stolen, to contribute to the ebb and flow. I am not just myself and my internal reality. None of us exist in true isolation. For more on our convoluted connections, check out The Cosmic Horror of Social Interaction.

Existing here, our lives are absorbed in a radical flux— time space continuum or god’s playground, everything changes and everything stays the same. We can’t avoid it. I will extend my energy outward into this world and try to say ‘yes’ to offers and instincts that ring true with my goals. There won’t always be peace and I will often regress but I hope that every day I push further outward from within.

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