People will feign compassion by criticizing your existence with misinformation, believing they’re helping you or doing the right thing. There is no one truth to base our opinions on, and others who don’t share your personal experiences will form their opinions with their perception of it, marred by bias and naivety. Your existence is your truth, and you mustn’t assume you know the truth of others’.

My sexuality, my gender expression, my disabilities, choices I’ve made regarding my education, relationships, and health, these are my personal truth. No one except the medical and psychiatric professionals who treat me can claim to understand my inner working better than myself, and they need to provide proof before I’ll believe them. 

If you’re someone who would spout opinions on cultural experiences, racial experiences, gender, disability, abortion, poverty, and other disenfranchised experiences without yourself being affected by related stigma and discrimination, consider where you’re coming from. Does your opinion contradict the experiences of vulnerable people? Is it based on information unsupported by statistics or consensus? Is it archaic thinking reminiscent of old prejudice (would an upper class straight white man in the 1800s or early 1900s agree with you?)

If so, consider doing broader research and realize you can’t base your objective truth on ignorance and unfounded information. The world will go on to learn without you, slowly becoming a more compassionate and understanding place. If you can’t keep up, you’re leaving yourself, your best self, behind. The joys of ‘saying it like it is’ and speaking your uneducated mind will wear off eventually and will turn only to more resentment, unless you can teach yourself how to learn. We’re always learning, always listening to new ideas and concepts, no one knows every truth of reality and assuming you do will be your downfall. 

You know your truth and only yours, the reality of your existence. They know their truth and the reality of their existence. I know my truth and the reality of my existence.

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