Reasons to Explore Multimedia Art

There is nothing inherently limited by working in one media, there is value and power in a piece comprised of one substance with singular support such as oil on canvas, charcoal on paper, there’s dedication. Skilled artists are unrestricted and are capable of using their material to its full potential which is, as potential is, limitless. Similarly, the potential in multimedia is boundless in its own right. 

The two practices exist in the dynamic of sides of a coin. The same but vastly different. Instead of unification through origin, multimedia’s power comes from the relationships made with different materials.

Various pieces come together to form one— a whole, a singular art piece. Speaking to multiple pieces in a series or collection, the media comes together to create collaboration and unity. Each texture may work to highlight the qualities of others, act as foil, the concentration and style of colours may create contrast or harmony. 

Often each aspect has a purpose, and those without one still are purposeful in their being. If you want to go deeper you can explore the multimedia Dadaist movement for some overthinking and overspeaking about ‘what art is’ and ‘purpose’. 

For myself and my art practice, multimedia consists of transformation, connection. Anything can be plucked from its former purpose to be made anew to find bonds within a piece of art. A void in space might not feel empty until the right material comes along to uplift and refine the intention. 

Whether it be so simple as coloured pencil sketching upon an undetailed watercolour, or a chaotic organic assemblage of dried plant matter, textiles, and dirt, the media finds each other naturally.

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