Good to Be Bad: Making Art

Are you afraid to create ‘bad’ art? The answer for myself is invariably yes, as is the answer to the question of failing or underwhelming, but it’s an incomplete response. Yes, I’m afraid, and I understand why I am, and why ‘bad’ art is important. Being aware of the whats and whys brings about a fuller art practice and self understanding. 

What am I actually afraid of? I fear disappointing myself and others, or being perceived as sloppy, ametuer, or delusioned. My free and fun art reads as unstable, and no matter the effort I put into practicing freehand ink drawing, a doodle will still look like a doodle. Why am I afraid of this? 

We create art to express ourselves. The judgement passed by others isn’t the reason we are artists. Creating is satisfying, frustrating, inspiring, internally engaging, and even creation for the sake of other people has value beyond how it’s perceived. When I have a child, it won’t be out of hope they’ll be perceived as smart, beautiful, interesting, it will be to give life and create an environment of growth. 

Being is being. 

These doodles and geometric designs have a purpose in my growth. I learn to be free.

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