Reconnecting the Mind and the Body

Everyone will have a moment where their mind and soul separate from their body. Many people will live much of their lives struggling to reconnect with their physical form, I’m one of them. Since I was a baby I’ve struggled to exist in my body and have required a plethora of skills to bring myself into my flesh. Trauma, depression, stress, anxiety, body image issues, psychosis, illness, neurodivergencies, there are as many other factors as there are unique experiences.

Why do we want to connect? In order to bringing ourselves back to our body we need to understand that we want to. We want to fully experience life, we want to get to know ourselves, we want autonomy, the freedom to feel. We deserve to feel comfortable in our flesh. Our bodies are meant to be here, our souls and spirits are here to experience life in this form. 

We stretch. Our muscles pull and tendons tighten. Lay but with activity, rolling and reaching, sit, stand, move your body. Clench your muscles. Start from your toes and tense each part all the way up to your face and head. Engage with your body. Be aware of it, be kind to it, practice being a physical being.

When I wake from a nightmare, I can’t lay in bed waiting to sleep. I must stand up and look inward, feel outside, and reconnect with every part of myself. Existing up in our mind and in the anxieties plaguing our subconscious and hyperconsciousness won’t bring us back down to the flesh. I must fight dissociation.

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