We haven’t solved any puzzles yet. Philosophy doesn’t offer solutions to living happier, fulfilled, balanced lives, or give true answers to the secret and meaning of life. Well, what’s the point of it then? The point is to explore.

Philosophy feels the puzzles out, enjoys learning about experiences, wonders why we feel the need to solve the puzzle in the first place. Defining philosophy is its own philosophy. Being so vast and overarching, it’s a kind of hubris to attempt to subject definitive truth to its meaning but I’ve always been heretical. 

When I read a philosopher speaking of truths, answers, I become doubtful. Thinkers who have wrapped themselves up in their opinions to the point of forgetting why they think, they’ve neglected philosophizing what it means for a fact to be true. Reality is a place to explore. 

We can certainly explore by defining, but consider this: often the most pious of their religion leave room for doubt, having options but choosing to believe in what feels right gives power of dedication. Dedication that can be swayed has more strength than blind faith. Philosophy that leaves no room for options has closed the door behind it, trapping it in a confined space. 

We think and learn to free ourselves. The happiness and fulfillment of learning about life and reality isn’t compensation or a reward, it’s a byproduct.

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