True to Yourself: Questions About Truth

Trying to find and align with your true self can end up something of a life mission, but it needn’t take a lifetime to start making changes. 

There’s a heavy weight placed on ‘truth’, a topic I’ve just barely begun broaching with Metaphilosophy and Existence. The ambiguity and subjectivity of truth can be harrowing but with work on self awareness, we can begin to accept the peace that comes with abstract ideas.

The true self within you isn’t made of definitions. It’s energy, intention, values, beliefs, it’s the deeper parts of your mind where it touches the boundary between it and your soul, and where they both meet your spirit. What all these words mean to you, that’s you. That who you are. 

Analytical psychologists of the past have compounded countless theories of ‘the self’ and how we exist as individuals. 

I believe who we are, our true being inside, is what we consider our ideal self. It’s separate from expectation or anxiety, fear of failure, criticism, this aspect of ourselves is often created in childhood or formed from the withered seed of childhood. It’s free and unhindered, a fantasy. 

Our ideals often show us our truth. What is true? What is fantasy? The line between the two is the same as the boundary between our conscious mind and the person it’s hiding.

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