Alchemy of Self: Calcination Part 1

We all have our reasons for desiring self improvement, we want to be better, but there’s something to acknowledge first. We don’t improve, we reveal. ‘Wants’ are unnecessary. Already, we’re equipped with greatness, there’s nothing to want that isn’t already a part of you. Our process now is to identify and destroy the things that hide this greatness from us. 

Self hatred, insecurity, trauma, repression, there are many internal structures, disruptions, and processes that influence our self perception and external actions. Our journey through what is often referred to as calcination is a time of personal inventory and awareness of shame, blame, and pain. To calcine something in practical alchemy is to burn it entirely to white ash, removing everything from the matter but the philosophical salt. This salt is considered to be the body (salt of the earth), as oil is to be the essential nature (think essential oil), and alcohol the universal spirit (as in spirits and liquors). 

When we perform psychological or spiritual alchemy, calcination burns the unnecessary hindrances. These hindrances can’t be truly eliminated yet as most originate from our childhoods and are fully integrated into our minds and personalities, but this process begins to separate yourself from the them. You will start to be able to see yourself without them, though they haven’t been left behind yet. That will come later.

For now, we have no expectations. Our bodies have no expectations of ourselves except to try our best to take care of it. In these following exercises, we’ll learn from our bodies in regards to how we should view our minds and souls. 

They aren’t here for any specific purpose. Our body experiences the world but only lives to experience it, the rest is free will. Our minds have no purpose but to think, but what we think is up to us. Our souls sustain us, why?

No particular reason. We can philosophize about our life forces but the fact is we didn’t have a choice to be born but have a choice in what we do with our life. 

Let’s start the process of change. 

Let’s talk about preparation and inventories.

An alchemist, a chemist, would ensure that they’re well equipped to perform whatever work they’d undertake. When working with emotions, habits, traumas, behaviour issues, we must take our safety seriously. Undertaking this personal overhaul can and will be triggering, emotionally draining, painful, sad, but it’s worth it and it gets easier. The first hurdle is the hardest.

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