Keep, Document, Archive Your Art

Within an artist is a demon who wants to throw out old pieces. This demon shames us, critiques our growing self, but we’re best off ignoring it. If it’s unreasonable to keep your art due to space issues, document it. Please, document your art.

At the bare minimum, if you have a phone with a camera be sure to photograph your pieces. You can try scanning them and most public libraries have access to scanners.

You’ll be able to watch yourself develop. Your growth as an artist will be apparent. Art that is by your standards lower quality is simply proof that you’ve advanced, and most all artists need that proof sometimes.

When we’re beating ourself up and feel like we’re not getting anywhere, we can pull out some of our old, old art. We can remind ourselves of our journey.

Our art can also inspire us, reinstil a spark we’d forgotten.

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