Self Respect is Clarity

Once you begin to value yourself, hidden secrets come to light. Mysteries unravel, answers come from within, and the outside questions begin to make sense. Your worth is more than what you can contribute to society and your life has meaning, always. 

I’ve long struggled with self respect. I abused myself and sought out danger, as I got better and found hope and reason to be better, I still hated myself. I do still sometimes hate myself but I’m also appreciating myself in a way I never have been capable of before. Since I started believing in myself as much as I hated myself I managed to quit smoking, re-engaged with my passions, be consistent with my medication, start to unravel my relationship with food, have a mostly regular sleep schedule, and try to love myself. 

I’m worthy of good things. I didn’t believe this for a very long time. 

Self respect is clarity. You realize what hinders you and what heals you.

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