Alchemy of Self: Phase 2 — Clarity

After accomplishing the emotional and psychological tasks of identifying the toxic parts of your life, you’ll begin to find clarity in noticing the good and healing aspects. You have taken a clinical hand to separating the hindering from the elevating, and separating yourself from overwhelming or distracting emotions and sentiments. You can begin to see more clearly.

Albedo isn’t just the phase of white, but the phase of reflectivity. All in one, all colours reflected as one— do you see yourself in the all? Are you reflected in what you do and care about, and do these things reflect you?

We’ve discovered what we want past the false wants, and things are starting to come together. It’s not easy yet and we work hard to not become dejected by needed patience, but a feeling that all will be well is undeniable. Consider the birds of Leucosis the swan and the dove. The swan is regal, determined, powerful. The dove is of faith, peace, endurance. You have these aspects in your true self which you’ve buried deep under all that you’ve burnt, washed, and separated out. Though there may be polar duality, know that all will come together and come apart and come together and come apart many times.

Become acquainted with different parts of you that you’ve begun to value, even if they aren’t ready to unite as one yet. Revel in how you feel. The rays of hope are shining down, and soon you will meet the sun. 

The reflection is all you need now, and the moon and sun are meant to work together so practice being awake with the clarity of moonlight. Consider the moon tarot card, if you feel inclined. Believed to hail from Egypt, tarot is also closely related to alchemy. The moon card can symbolize clarity and unveiling secrets, searching for the hidden. In our current state, we see past the illusions. 

Language often isn’t useful in describing these revealed treasures but as we learn to communicate with our whole self including our atoms and delusions, our unconscious and our conscious, the use of language as symbols translates to the symbols of what we learn. 

The birds are symbols. To some, watching a swan drift calmly across a crystal lake speaks these truths far better than I can attempt with words. The mind’s eye comes in handy— our brain is what perceives any view physically, so visualize it as if seeing it before you, recalling a memory you’ve never lived through but can see as clearly as any. Even if our eyes are open we won’t see what’s before us, but we’ll be watching what’s inside us, the swan on the lake. 

Caput Corvi is over. Dissolution is over. We’ve begun to truly understand and cope with our emotions. We sit atop the water, ready to bask.

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