Alchemy of Self: Cauda Pavonis

This phase of Alchemical transformation often coincides with the phase of doves and swans. It’s indicated by explosions of colour and light, as the phenomenon of the colour white is made up of all colours and all colours equal white, one is all and all is one, as such the Peacock’s tail often acts as a curtain for the albedo birds. 

Cauda Pavonis will likely be encountered many times throughout your journey, more than maybe any other bird. For myself the peacock has been a valuable teacher consistently through each phase and may manifest as a moment, an idea, a state of mind, or a situation. What do you think of when you look at a peacock’s tail? You are being witnessed by the eye of the feather, and you are witnessing evidence of great art in nature. 

Creativity and artistic inspiration accompany the regal creature, and all your practice of being humble and aware is rewarded by internal majesty. You reintroduce yourself to passions old and new, and everything has value. Everyone is an artist in someway, the art of dance, athleticism, science, history, video game playing, faith, friendship, everyone has something they enjoy. Expressing yourself, enjoying yourself, learning, this is art. 

However, you can’t achieve these great gains without actively participating in growing and healing, you cannot reach Albedo or Cauda Pavonis by reading. You could read a thousand books on the subject and remain stagnant if you don’t reach within. The answers aren’t found in writing or words, they are internal and must be engaged with. Flashes of insight are indicative of the light glimmering briefly off a peacock feather shrouded in darkness, they show us where to go and are imperative to our journey, but you must walk with intention. 

Far easier is writing about these subjects than being, than living in tune with the messages these birds send me. I can write about the peacock in your heart and you can read about the one in mine, but these actions of perception and sensation are communication, not being. 

Some meet the peacock and assume their work is done, unaware of the cycle which has brought them back to the crow without them knowing but their delusions of ‘ego’ and ‘ascension’ keep them trapped. Until we reach the very end of our journey, which few and far in between have managed and most, including likely myself, will die first… we must continue the cycles. We will never be perfect, and that’s good, that keeps us working and growing and we should appreciate this about ourselves. We should always want to be better and at the same time appreciate who we are at this moment. Meeting the peacock means you’re certainly on the right track but don’t settle, don’t assume this is as far as you’re going, we have a long way to walk together. 

Enjoy your time with Cauda Pavonis. Learn new ways you find the world beautiful. Consider all the symbols we use to interpret reality, explore the extent of your sensory living and the barriers between you and everything around you. Feel the places where the barrier is thin, where you can pass through. Be all. 

Every colour in one, you are reaching clarity.

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