Your Relationship with Plants

Living is a series of relationships. How we interact with the life around us is part of what determines how synchronized we are with the world— the real world, outside of social constructs. This is the domain of weather, minerals, fauna, flora, etc. Today we’re focusing on flora, the plants.

When we think of nature we often automatically think of plants. They connect all other aspects, the animals who feed and the earth they walk on. For more writing on nature, check out City Living and Engage with Nature. In both I touch on plantlife, as I do in A Day in the Woods, in which I talk about one way that I build my relationship with nature as an aspiring herbalist. 

As per all relationships, there must be communication and balance. If you take you must also give and you need to know how to talk to plants. Respect them and nurture them, be their child and their caregiver.

We rely on plants to live and they rely on us to be responsible for how we affect our natural environment. Building a healthy relationship with plants means fulfilling your values and being willing to amend them if they aren’t up to par with what the world needs from you. 

We eat their flesh and we breathe in their exhale. Remember that we need them more than they need us— in fact, our existence is a detriment to the natural world. Making up for the sins of our species is a part of our journey toward being the best we can be.

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