Making Art With No Money

Expensive materials are rarely ever needed. Any hobby can be pursued sustainably without a need for money— you must utilize imagination and our natural instincts to make things. Art especially needs nothing but inspiration.

Most of the best art I’ve come out and have seen with has been with recycled or unconventional materials. In art school especially you’ll find extreme elitism and colonial ideals which beg capitalist consumerism, but this is not and has never been the core of art.

Great power is giving to mundane objects when put together. Reach out and touch reality, make something out of the creative energy within you. Artist must work break down the false barriers they and society have put around brilliance.

A value that’s remained important to me is that art should be accessible to everyone, to make and to consume. Money is a structure that we have created— it’s a piece of art in its own right that has become outdated and irrelevant. We don’t need to build our art off of it.

Lately I’ve been building plant pot hangers from driftwood and rope. They bring me joy, leave me feeling accomplished, and are new beautiful objects in this world.

Let’s start creating without currency.

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