Alchemy of Self: Conjunction

Conjunction is the bringing together, the reconciliation and amalgamation of parts. The many facets of ourself and our life are ready to start showing a whole reflection. This is the coagula of ‘solve et coagula’. In this phase of Albedo we’ve found clarity after acknowledging what hinders us, which in turn reveals what enriches us. 

At this point we know what makes us feel good, accomplished, satisfied, proud. Bring up these good things, conjure up what brings you happiness. “To conjure is nothing else than to observe anything rightly, to know and to understand what it is.” Coelum Philosophorum by Paracelsus. Do you know what brings and will bring you happiness? 

What do these things have in common? If at first you can’t find one clean parallel, create several groups of shared attributes. For example, most of my goals could be grouped into three realms: dedication to my art practice, being more productive, and better regulating my emotions. After sorting out everything that I know will bring me happiness, I found consistency was the common denominator. 

To conjunct properly in George Ripley’s 12 gates, we have to know that ‘manners there be of our Conjunction three’ meaning we must recognize the three states of combination: diptative, triptative, and tretraptative.

First is the duality we became aware of in separation, which we must now work to merge properly. We will have noticed a gradient between the two poles which can now solidify as its own complete concept. For myself diptative conjunction manifests in the relationship between corporeal and noncorporeal, physiology and psychology, in my romantic relationship, and in my nonbinary gender identity. 

Triptative is the balance of three, which I’ve spoken before of with the tria prima, the body, soul, and spirit. You don’t need to believe in souls to recognize the existence of trinities in your life. Work, romance, and family, or morning, midday, and evening, or past, present, and future. How do these aspects of your life flow? How do they reconcile? 

Lastly, tetraptive is the rule of four, usually relating to the elements. Carl Jung and other esotericists before him associated four personality functions with the elements: feeling (water), thinking (air), intuition(fire), and sensation (earth). These correspondences relate to other esoteric thinkings including the tarot which associates earth with material possessions, fire with action, and again, emotions with water and thinking with air. The relationships between four need to be healed to the point where all become one concept. 

How can you combine your interests into something more elevated than each apart? How can you bring together your spiritual life and your personal life? How can you reunite your mind, and body? How can the conflicting aspects of your personality and internal processes marry?

We’ve separated everything and have begun to see everything truly as it is. Now unite.

In the above plate 15 of Splendor Solis, three dragons combine and face the same direction in harmony. Framed by fruits, veggies, flowers, and birds and overlooking a peaceful but playful courtyard scene, this is a bright image though the subject is shown to be incomplete. This unity isn’t perfect. They each still bear different colours of their own journeys through the stages.

This is to be expected, but do feel exceptionally proud of yourself for where you are. Our journey of transformation is painful and to be able to confront our traumas and toxic behaviours we make sacrifices, but they’re worth it. We may begin now to see how worth it these exercises truly are.

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