Alchemy of Self: Conjunction Part 2

“In too much water you may easily be drowned; too little water, on the other hand, soon evaporates in the heat of the sun.” — Basil Valentine

Success utterly relies on temperance. Parts of a whole cannot merge back into one if one part is neglected. All aspects must be released from toxicity and nurtured equally. Balance brings together what would otherwise fall into disarray. 

Thoughts and emotions should both be honoured, respected, and healed. We must value the body, mind, and life force. Health, enjoyment, learning, and connection must be understood. Without balancing ourselves we cannot find harmony in the different aspects of our life. We cannot drown in our sorrows nor may we leave them to sizzle, ignored. We can’t dedicate all our energy to one part and expect the rest to grow alongside it. All must be well rounded. 

“Eternity is called whole, not because it has parts, but because it is lacking in nothing.” — Saint Thomas Aquinas. When all parts are lacking nothing then by nature they will become unified as one. The beauty of conjunction is that when you’re ready, suddenly it will become near effortless. The hard work is in the preparation. 

Knowing what to conjunct and how to ready them for union, that’s our duty to ourselves and the world around us. Staying true to ourselves allows instinctive amalgamation. 

Every aspect of reality is interconnected and the greatest achievements of humankind have been in our ability to merge concepts. We can take what worked in the past, cleanse it, study it, and hybridize it with future goals to form a new whole idea. By removing hindrances, the ultimate value of all things becomes known.

As in all of the phases until rubedo, we can expect imperfections to cling but we have become more powerful than them in our efforts to understand. “We grow from within, and as we grow stronger from within, the adversities from outside become less.” Said Manly P. hall in his 1959 lecture, ‘Victory of the Soul Over Circumstance’.

Trust yourself. I have come to learn to trust the truths that make themselves known when I quiet myself, when the doubt and anxiety mute. We each have eternal power inside ourselves but until we have faith, it’ll hide. This work is an act of shedding layers until the brilliant core is revealed. I may be young but I have built calluses and scar tissue which must be dissolved by peace and faith. I’ve fought to survive and now to thrive, I let go of what hurts me and hold onto what heals me.

Some hurt is to learn to endure, but some teach us to move on. Values show the way. These alchemical works are to realize what’s important and unbreakable, and what what’s meant to fall apart. Medicine comes from poison but the process of change is strange, brutal, but beautiful. Once the inner voice of truth has been tapped into, the ingredients we’ve been processing to perfection may come together as one.

The world is ready to meet a whole, unified you. You, as you are, are ready to meet the world. I am ready. This is conjunction.

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