Oh, To See Myself Truly

Checking with oneself is a daring and beautiful act— look yourself full in the face and be honest. It’s bold, miraculous, and absolutely necessary. We’re all lying to ourselves about something. Sentiments we know are false, inauthentic to what we truly believe, are rampant. They may base themselves in half truths to worm their way into our internal monologue, but we can identify them.

Look close. Don’t be afraid to find a worm hole, just trace it back to when the implantation of the lie occurred. We lie to ourselves because we were lied to. We have healing to do— now is not forever nor is it yesterday, it is now, and we have choices. 

Do we keep deluding ourselves that we can’t be better? That we can’t heal? That this pain will always be the same? Though it should be more difficult to live this way, it becomes instinctive to coddle the pain and appease the lies. While choosing healing is as difficult a road, the reward is peace, growth, and changed instincts. Let’s learn to be truly aware of who we are and what we’re capable of.

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