Working Toward the Best

The best is what helps and heals all. Words and actions aligned still will not save the world without awareness of what the world needs.  Practicing empathy skills, understanding that your experience is not every experience, and developing self awareness— we need to put the work into our own lives to inspire these changes in others. We don’t know what the best is for others, but what’s best for ourselves is almost always to expand our mind and heal our insecurities. What this looks like is what is different from person to person.

It may be that you need to be more aware of how aspects of your vocabulary harm certain oppressed communities. Perhaps you would benefit from hearing the stories of people who live very different lives from yours that you don’t understand, and their unique struggles. Maybe you have a temper or defensive mechanism that’s been bullying the people around you that you haven’t acknowledged. Perhaps you need to reprioritize your values in life. 

Some simple changes can be made, some more complex ones, but these choices to progress are the meaning of life. Why are we here? We’re here to live, to experience, and to allow others to freely do the same. Being mindful of social microaggressions is far from censorship, question why you desire to continue harming others, why you’re defensive about remaining a person who hurts fellow humans because of selfishness. 

The best is comfort, the best is safety, the best is freedom. Be free to be good. Be kind, be compassionate. We’ve all been hurt. We’ve all felt stifled. These changes are not the same as what we’ve suffered, being ourselves oppressed and beat down. Healing is not more harm, no matter how uncomfortable it may feel. The pain of self awareness will ease, and finally we’ll be proud, perhaps even happy.

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