Caring About Others

No one is good, wise, or otherwise aware, if they are not good to others. A person won’t heal if they don’t care about the healing of others. Empathy is a skill that can be practiced and learning to be wrong, and learning to learn, is the only way forward in our development as people. Anything else is stagnation. It is cruelty. It is self abuse and abuse of others.

I value compassion. Other’s novel kindness and support was what helped pull me from physical, emotional, and spiritual poverty. I want to be someone who continues on the cycle is healing. The world is suffering. I need to be aware of how I contribute to the suffering, and how I can multiply my medicine which has been long brewing in poison. My life has been a struggle, as has many and most, but it has grown a special healing within me.

We cannot spend all our energy on others or give more than we can afford, but if we can spare nothing, we must reevaluate. What is the point on energy that doesn’t flow? If we have it, we have taken it from something. We cannot give too much, nor can we take without giving in return. All heals as one.

Let’s be caretakers. Let’s care. Apathy isn’t forever, we can all be kind, and love is eternal.

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