Waiting for the World to Change

I will change and I can’t force anyone to. I can only teach by example, not pandering to those unwilling to try. No one is hopeless but I will save my energy for those who are willing to change. If I practice what I preach and be consistent with my values and beliefs, then there will always be hope in my life. I will act out of love rather than fear.

There is no waiting. Every day is the next day of the ultimate journey. I’m changing with every choice I make, and if I make the right decisions then people who respect me will also understand the power of their lives. Bigots won’t change their mind because on a fundamental level they believe they’ll never respect me, so I will show the world that every person has a reason to believe we can be better. 

Life is a path of learning from an ever increasing amount of regrettable yesterdays, but if we can adapt to a different perception, they are all days of teaching. I will keep trying harder. I’ll let myself rest when I need to but underneath my soul will keep churning an understanding of why I’m here. The days of falling apart are becoming less and the days of bringing myself back together are becoming more frequent. The cycle of destruction and construction is bringing me to a special, healing, safe place. 

I won’t wait for the world to change. The natural laws will continue on regardless of if we are aware of them. They are going on right now, helping my life come back together. Those who rebuke the brilliant truths will be given many opportunities to change their mind throughout their journeys, I will not feel burdened that I could not provide the way. If something is given energy then it’ll grow— I won’t give power to frustration.

I have patience, but I will not wait. There is nothing soft, fragile, or embarrassing about love. We shouldn’t be ashamed of believing. We live in a giant, beautiful world and we own nothing— property, money, resources, these are fake desires and aren’t worthy of fighting for. Fight for the right for everyone to have shelter, to have food, medical support. 

Ignorance is robbery. Stealing away the hope of everyone it touches and affects, ignorance is fear and an unwillingness to learn. We’re scared of what we don’t understand because it makes us vulnerable but we don’t realize the best defense is to try to understand, rather than succumb to fear. 

I will change. I’ll try to worry less and learn more, be frustrated less, and trust my hope.

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