The Faint Young Sun Paradox

In early times there wasn’t as much light output as we experience today. As with the earth’s first days, we might look at our own life and remember when the sun never seemed to shine brightly upon us. These are cold memories but somehow not frozen, neither in substance nor in time. Reality’s laws are built upon mystical paradoxes which allow circuitous stability— peace from chaos. We as a species have been created from crisis, as a great oxyginization event destroyed the faint bacterial life that came before the children of air. We can only remember so far into our past, but what we do recall has been birthed from many cycles of being and it’s easy to forget the implausible warmth we experienced in our times of darkness. 

Betrayal, abandonment, oh, we felt we would freeze to death in the darkest night. Still, we lived on. There was always something keeping our spark of life warm. For every cold that should have killed, it didn’t. Never was the external pressures enough to suffocate or solidify. Life remained fluid, and the memories followed until today. Today is proof of the faint young sun paradox— the earth didn’t freeze over, so fragile was life but somehow there was enough warmth to keep our earliest ancestors alive. Maybe our atmosphere was thick enough to insulate what heat was available, whatever the cause, our sun was enough. 

Something always has sustained us, no matter how feeble. Like creatures adapting through evolution to live in desolate caves, we survive on sparse sustenance. Small reminders of goodness manifest in our day-to-day. Something in our environment gives us enough energy to endure. Always there is something, occasionally we struggle to find it but always if we look hard enough it will be there. As fluid as cold memories from their conception to continuation, the goodness will never leave, freeze, or die. 

We’ve been many things. Whether we believe in reincarnation or not, our species can be traced back to rodent-like creatures among the dinosaurs, amphibians crawling from the sea, fish, a sort of worm, and our earliest, barest flecks of life floating at our conception. Throughout all something good and beautiful has resided among carnage and destruction. We have never been without hope. 

A faint young sun will always be there to bring about the impossible. Nothing is ever impossible in a universe written by rules which always support each other throughout paradox and probability. Chaos supports peace and vice versa, we simply must be mindful of interactions and relationships. The probability is high of us thriving if we are aware of the faint young sun in our lives which keeps our soul warm.

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