Stand Tall

Respect yourself and others, stand tall. Others will misconstrue these values as being combative purely by nature of how radical it is to love yourself, to believe in yourself. No one expects someone to stick to what they value. Do no wrong to others but don’t accept the wrong they do to you. 

We all have choices. We’re on our own journeys and a forest grows together, but if someone chooses cruelty and ignorance, your choice is to continue to stand by what you believe to be right and true. This also means recognize when you too are being tricked by ignorance, that if this truth can be proven false, that you can reevaluate. It is their inability to reflect and reevaluate that continue to hold them back. 

Truth is what is practical, what is healing, what is the way forward into a safe and true future. No lying, pandering, abusing, these will not be involved in truth. These don’t support respect. Our humour, our opinions, our actions, the friends we keep, our politics, if any of these disrespect vulnerable people then ignorance has been chosen and healing denied. 

It isn’t weak to be strong, to not hurt people, to want to be better. There’s nothing embarrassing about admitting you have been wrong and can improve. This is our greatest strength as beings of the natural world. Our earth is one of always moving and changing to support life and favours aligned choices from its inhabitants. Ecosystems are excellent at rebalancing after disruption. There is nothing weak or wrong to use nature as a role model. 

Let’s get our balance back. I will not bend to disrespect. I will be compassionate and patient but I will not absorb the projections of others, I won’t tolerate oppression. Enablement is one of the driving factors of every problem the human species faces. I won’t be an enabler and I won’t have anyone enable me to be my worst self. 

I will be brave enough to do what I know is right. Fearlessly and fearfully, I will be my true and honest self. This self has everything and nothing to do with my gender, my politics, my beliefs, priorities, and needs. I exist and I will allow myself to be happy. 

I grant myself permission to stand tall and not be cut down. I have permission to exist and be proud of myself. No one can tell me what I’m capable of. 

People will always tell us what we can or can’t do, not from a moral or ethical stance, but from a place of fear. They may try to back up their rationale with false morals spawned from cherry picking religion or sociology to force people to assimilate to what is expected from living in a capitalist, colonialist, heteronormative environment, but they speak with truth, hope, respect, or any value. 

They won’t hold me back. They won’t hold you back. A forest grows together but to have harmony, there must be trust. The moss trusts the trees who rely on the water which knows it’ll always return to the sky. Let’s be people the world can trust to be consistent, reliable, and honest.

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