A Current Time

Each present moment is in the past– the next one to pass is the future, a chance to decide it. The flow of time means ‘now’ is in motion. It’s a balance of accepting that what has just happened and occurred long in the past both cannot be changed, but the future is simultaneous and is of infinite change. What’s done is done and what will be could be anything.

Without understanding of self and our impact, this is a terrifying sentiment. With it, this is key to freedom. Life and reality are full of conflicting truths. Everything matters and nothing matters. The beliefs don’t cancel each other out but instead support and contextualize each other. Nothing matters because everything matters and vice versa.

So when thinking about the current moment, know that our journey through time is of acceptance and choice. We can’t control anything that time has taken hold of and carried away, but it gives as it takes. When the present moment is pulled from our grasp by the past it is then replaced by a new future moment. The future is not completely submissive, it’s informed also by the past, but it is the product of the past turned to malleable clay. The substance itself cannot be transformed, but we have unlimited choice as to what we do with it, how we manipulate it and make it take a form.

Every second, some increasingly large fraction of it is already in the past. The rest is up to us. Just remember there are many seconds in a minute, in an hour, in a day. We are moving at our own pace. Don’t rush through day hyper-aware of the weight of each second. Just remember that we aren’t helpless nor are we gods. We are humans making the most of time as best we can.


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