Why I Write .2

I write because it’s good for me. It stimulates my brain and reconnects me. Both holistic and highly scientific, this form of health is transformative, it’s transcended, it moves and carries– I do it because writing peels back layers and extrapolates. Writing knows that both I and what I carry are transported by assigning words to meaning. 

Words are more than ordered letters to read and convey. We primarily think in words and we have built our personal realities with language. Our mind has preference for what it recognizes as a building block of its perception. Concepts make more sense rewritten another way because certain meanings or symbolisms connect with us more effectively than others. When I write about a topic repeatedly, I understand in a new way each time. Synapses fire. 

Language is problem solving, coding, an agent of neuroplasticity. Writing is a practice and it’s one of healing and growing. 

We may think plenty, we may overthink. With nowhere to go, concepts bounce around and build scar tissue over the core sentiment. A ruminating thought loses the nuances of its intention, for all things have a detailed purpose even if it’s hidden. Taking the matter from the battered mind and writing it out allows specifically chosen words to slice layers of scarring off the thought with scalpel precision. New pathways are revealed through the chaos, no longer buried under the rubble of its own making. 

Truthfully though, writing is simply a quiet form of speaking. Human beings as a species spoke first and then learnt to write. Our oral history is far vaster than documented history. All the power of transmutation within a letter of an alphabet is found in the sound it references, the level of permanence within writing has equal value to the affect a voice has on a heart. I write because I cannot speak.

Being quieter, more private in its communication, writing is alluring to someone like myself who is insecure. Us who hide in shadows gain confidence from speaking into secluded patches of clear light. We show we’re capable of extending ourselves outward by writing, by making each small commitment to a new sentence brought into existence. Writing is a form of proof. 

I write because it’s good for me. 

2 thoughts on “Why I Write .2

  1. I love reading posts like these about writing. I myself don’t find much cathartic release from writing, but I love having written, and it’s one of the few things that give me any feelings of achievement, kinda like exercise does. Thanks for sharing, btw!

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    1. Thank you so much for reading! I identify strongly with ‘I love having written’, often the value of any dissection or exploration in writing isn’t obvious to me until it’s already begun or finished— your metaphor is apt, the act of writing aligns with the initial push, exertion, and reward of physical exercise.

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