Inadmissible Speaker: Why Equality, Reconciliation, and Liberation are Inevitable

Progressive attitudes are kin with natural law, progress itself is a law. It can be diverted by other developments– the stream stops flowing because the temperature has become high, stronger than the supply of water. The water will never be fully vanquished and will continue its journey through what plant life remains, it will lurk underground, it will find home in the sky. Freedom is the power which governs nature.

[CW: mentions of medical abuse, ableism, racism]

Control isn’t a factor. Progress is apart of the laws without command. Humans are what desire control, human ignorance. Heat may halt the stream but it can’t stop water’s motion, if anything it accelerates, amplifies its boiling voice until it becomes universal in the dissipation of steam. Unlike the indoctrinations and teachings of opinions, steam has power. It is an experience of physical sensation and metaphysical philosophy so apart from the casual cruelty of influence by control. Opinions are fragile.

Looking at what often forms opinions, we find power: experience. Beliefs formed by the beliefs of others are second hand, third hand, fourth, fifth, lacking participation. These are not opinions of experience. Moreover, a personal truth must be understood in it’s subtleties harkening to it’s origination (the bias regardless how moral, the quiet internal voice, the emotion that makes you defensive because suddenly you’re a child again); if not investigated, a clear and sound opinion cannot be gifted. Individuals least impacted by opinions feel most entitled to share half-considerations, casual bigotry, and support unsustainable and oppressive status quo.

For disadvantaged people, being vocal of personal truth and experience has been made dangerous by the control of ignorant commanders. Culture, religion, identity, these are the tools which built our species and solidified our legacy and yet people are often forced to hide or give up what contributes to who they are as a person, simply to survive. Control has been hoarded along with wealth and political power. In the court of truth and experience, the judge and jury are all one being which is informed by colonialism and capitalism, leaving the most vulnerable fighting to simply prove existence. The court will always work to silence them.

The court will claim their experiences are inadmissible because they don’t align with the haphazard template the judge and jury provided. This false court cannot contend with nature, though, and eventually these stifled voices spread among the masses like boiled steam. People with disabilities are often severely abused and dehumanized by the medical system, by those who are meant to help, heal, cure- slowly we’re learning the stories of truth as the net of interconnectivity grows stronger.

All individuals are gifted with experience, having the right to communicate their curses– to share and make others aware. Bearing a truth is another gift which becomes a curse if it’s never allowed to exist anywhere other than within someone. Trapped truths are how our society was built, and the revelation of these experiences brings the pieces together, makes sense of the widespread miasma. Trapped truths are as damaging to the personal psyche as to the web of experience which encompasses all. A society built on secrets will fail. Violent, atrocious racism exists at the root.

The progressive attitude is that all people deserve to live a free, safe, secure life without prejudice, that one life is not worth more than another. This belief is spreading because the truths of these inadmissible speakers are being revealed. Empathy is battling apathy from the influence of global community, internet forming a very small world. The court is losing its control. Crumbling under the power of cooperation as the elements do its the journey of the earth, working together to move and cycle, truth is unconfined.

Someday the hoarding of resources and control will be dispersed and put to use toward the betterment of humankind and the planet. A forgotten cache of nuts and seeds grows into a forest, a plump squirrel feeds a starving fox, nothing can stay the same forever. Will you be on the side of change, or will you too be left behind to die and have your control given back to nature?

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