Finding Spirituality Through Our Values

Spirituality, the sibling of religion with its own individuality, is unique in its theosophical family. We may base religion on our morals through structure and doctrine whereas spirituality exists within us and is personalized to our own signature. Religious views may align with our values but spirituality is built from our values. 

Consider institutes and initiations, worship and afterlives— I’ve been drawn to these subjects but I myself am not a particularly religious person. I’ve researched and identified with aspects of many followings but I am foremost spiritual. I believe in reincarnation but don’t prescribe to a specific story or process of continuation. I talk to plants but I’m not dedicated to a deity. I have been, at times, and these times were rich and fulfilling but their impermanence is indicative of my true nature: someone who worships components, aspects I understand within without being told. 

I talk to plants because I have since I learnt to speak, because as a young child I vehemently defended flora against the tyranny of other children and understood that there is a soul within a plant and that I am friends with it. I talk to plants because my life largely revolves around them and I respect them as I would any being I love. My spirituality arises from the values I believe deeply in, the morality which guides my actions, coming not from the influence of others but from what my soul has deemed valuable enough to internalize as its own. 

I believe in every god because of how I view energy, but I don’t pray to any of them. I pray to communicate with the seasons, the weather, and the so-called lesser beings I cohabitate the world with, but I have had no need for gods. I see they exist because my values prove to me they must, and I cannot claim I will forever remain godless just as I have not always been so, but as I am my spirituality doesn’t involve deity. 

Spirituality navigates through the truths you simply know. No one told me that every god ever worshiped exists in some way, I just knew. Most people have tidbits of knowledge that appear in this way, calculated through the input of thousands of data entries unconsciously cross-referenced to form an opinion. 

Folklore draws us in because metaphors speak in ways direct thought cannot. Cerridwyn waits for me to need her once more, knowing I cannot last without the elixir in her cauldron. Someday she may take my life, perhaps as a hen pecking grain, but she may also grant me life. These words speak to me yet I do not worship the goddess. Spirituality is the road map through these points of contention. I’m drawn to mythology and folklore because my beliefs and I also require interpretation. 

I value equality so I believe all beings are equal. I value community and compassion so I believe all things in reality are tied into a cooperative web of interconnectivity. I value honesty so I believe all truth makes itself known and the truth we aren’t ready for will lead us even without a destination. 

Anyone can be spiritual. Most people are if given the time to think about how they think the world works. The atheist scientist follows an internal code which leads to a path of knowledge and understanding of reality. We follow our spirit and we follow our true self forward.

3 thoughts on “Finding Spirituality Through Our Values

  1. I could have, and have, written half of your blogpost myself. Spirituality is All to me. I talk to plants, but also to fish and bugs and cats and whoever else is around to talk to. I even talk to humans, sometimes, but they are not as honest in their responses as are the rest of those to whom I converse with..
    As a child I was fascinated with myths and fables, and the vast panorama of pantheons of god from around the world. But I stopped believing “in” them, even as I stopped believing in the Christian god I was brainwashed into believing existed.
    I believe in two things, life, and me. And as long as I have life, I will have me (But that does not mean the me as in the person I call rawgod, but me as in the spirit inside of rawgod.) I do not “believe” in reincarnation, as such. I know reincarbatoon is a necessity, the only thing that makes life sensible.
    Despite frivolous details, you and I have walked the same path. It is nice to meet you.

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    1. Thank you for your thoughtful comment! Belief is a facilitator— one which either reveals or represses. Your message tells me that you connect with the world on a clear, concise level.

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