“Draw a Sacred Circle Around Your Recovery”

You and I must remain protective and nurturing of our growth and healing. Prioritization is at times genuinely agonizing, the worst of most growing pains, because the way we prioritize is influenced by our very core, so to change, we must change our most inner structures. Consistency in our dedication to our development is not easy. 

Julia Cameron writes in ‘the Artist’s Way’, “Draw a sacred circle around your recovery.” Whether creative, psychological, physical, any recovery is a precious process in need of care and security. Though others may aid and support us, we may even be dependent upon them, but we will always be our primary caretaker.

This relates less to independence and more to honouring what you need, being able to ask, demand.

The line of the sacred circle keeps out doubts and criticism and preserves our power to be used for healing. So easily we misdirect our energy or absorb negative influence but this concept of a sacred circle helps to identify the value in what we’re defining as in need of protection— why place wards around elements of our recovery? We protect them because we know they’re delicate but powerful.

I’m still learning the nuances of my various recoveries, but I’ve understood they’re all in need of defence. Financial, interpersonal, societal, there are many pressures which attempt to impound us or influence our priorities, but believing in recovery is the first step. It can take time to value healing and having our needs met and life can make it seem impossible— but life changes, and usually it starts with drawing that sacred circle.

I strive to make my healing as untouchable as possible. Nothing will get in the way of my growth as a person. I believe in myself.

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