A Drowning Rain

Rain is gravity and water facilitating connection, intimacy. Falling over everyone, everything, conductive and collective, water both spreads and gathers. The world is bound from sky to ground— the common denominator washing over all surfaces and substances in a union through contact. Should an energy source be involved then electricity would make one entire body out of the many pieces in rain’s arms. Energy would flow freely throughout all. This is the intimacy of water, of an ocean containing a cosmos within one form, one entity, one being, one body.

Watching the delicate touch and trail of droplets upon a glass windowpane, my reflection is drowned in rain. This reflection, which has peered from puddles and ponds, could never truly drown. Why does my mind conjure suffocation, then? Why do I project a struggle upon my mirrored self? If I believe so deeply in the interconnectivity of life, why is my first interpretation of my reflection that of a killing environment?

Our first thoughts are often both our most human and most inhuman. These survival reactions are the animal within us denying it’s awareness. The drowning reflection is a troubled ape overwhelmed with the reality of relation, of being in connection with all, smothered by the threat of a metaphorical electrical current. If all touches all, nothing is safe from destruction. 

These fragile homes we live in can be flooded and washed away by the elements. This is true, a fact, a different but just as valid truth as the understanding that still, there is no drowning rain.

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