On Unity

All is one, one is all— you are a starfish. You are also me, writing these words, as you say the same ones in your head now, at this moment. You’re also shit. You’re also gold. What are the practical reasons behind believing in a cosmic unity? Life is fuller, but life is also easier to process and build into a healthier, better functioning system of being.

By my saying you’re a starfish, I’m saying several things at once: 1. You are made of the same substances 2. Different arrangements of patterns do not separate 3. A state of being is psychically individual as well as physically unified with its environment 4. Empathy is metaphysical and indicative of broader external purpose and connection.

People who believe in reincarnation may firmly state, “I have been a starfish” but my declaration is that of current moment (all moment) hyperinterconnectivity wherein all things are so intrinsically bonded with each other that they may be considered one. People who are rather whimsical or imaginative may relate to a starfish and empathize with clinging to a rock as the oceans currents and waves push and pull. In some ways, the four ways mentioned above, all experiences are universal. 

All is one, one is all. There are only a few key components which make up the entirety of our universe.  They were present at its beginning and still remain today. Anywhere you look close enough, you’ll find the same thing. All life is made of carbon, everything in the cosmos is made of the same subatomic particles, what’s a quark? 

By combining into an impossibly wide variety of patterns, these particles populate reality with all these new components made up of other components which seem entirely different from one another. At their base, they are identical. These pieces may then merger to form a new piece, and so on and so forth. The chain continues on from physically fused aspects to affiliate physical contact wth oneness. Our stomach is separate from our lungs yet they are unified in the systems, membranes, and flesh which bind. A gun is separate from a bullet yet they are considered one weapon. A forest is made up of many individuals but is considered a whole. With such loose rules and definitions of what makes something seperate or unified, how can anyone claim determinedly that all cannot be one?

The celestial body earth includes everything on its surface, same as the storms of Jupiter are Jupiter. We are earth. Our physical bodies are made of earth. This is a scientific fact. Our species from its conception is earthling, we each consume earth as food and defecate earth to be food for others and then die so that our bodies return to what it once was. As feeling creatures, we devise plenty of emotion-based rationale as to why we are superior to our environment. We have conquered nothing.

As a species, we were born with the empathy of nature. We communicate just as trees do though less efficiently or productively. We feel the pain of others as plants do. As empathetic creatures, we are tapped into a sea of interconnectivity which comes from an internal place projected outward as it absorbs inward. I relate to you because I have absorbed you and found myself, and then projected myself onto you. This cycle is something sacred. 

Unity doesn’t need to be spiritualized. It’s physical and scientific. It can also be evocative and inspiring. Imagine how much easier it is to end an argument when you realize you’re just arguing with yourself. Imagine knowing exactly what your values are because they’re found in the life you experience every day. Imagine trusting what the world is. Imagine trusting yourself. 

All this power isn’t an obscure mission or cultish proclamation, it can be attained in simple shifts of perspective.

A healthier, better functioning way of being is through effort, small effort then big, but nothing unreasonable. I know my life and what I’m capable of and you know what you’re capable of.

Let yourself be a starfish.

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