50k Words of Poetry in 30 Days

I wrote the word count equivalent of ‘The Great Gatsby’ this month, aka completing the NaNoWriMo challenge. This year’s goal of a poetry compilation had me apprehensive but I had a theme of unity in mind and everything came together naturally. ‘And We Be’ was pre-titled before a single word of it was written, having this clear goal helped my inspiration flow.

However, a severe depressive episode caused quite a few bad days despite limitless ideas and enduring passion for the project.

As you can see from my statistics, I had a strong start but the middle of the month was erratic and I was constantly playing catch-up with several days worth of writing backlogged. Near the end I was able to makeup the difference with just a couple good days, but my confidence was horribly shaken. Even up until noon today, three hours before hitting the 50k mark, I still was unsure if I was going to complete the challenge.

I did it though. I love what I’ve done, and I’m proud of myself.

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