Alligator Rocking Chair: a Poem [CW: CSA]

Uncountable, unfathomable

Unimaginable, insurmountable

I cannot inventory this lifespan

Seated in glory, never damn

The molted skins sloughed, succeeded

By what would be me

Insidious hideous, ubiquitous

Quietus, a death per chair 

Yet I live on my throne of care  

Stripped bare body, mind, eyes

Blindfold lost with your demise

Lurking under murky water

A predator awaits the slaughter

Born and died an alligator god

I sit in my rocking chair

And I do not fear you

I rock back and forth

And I do not fear you

Born because of alligator god

From his spawn, fanged and clawed

Clergy to priest to god, father of my father

No degrees of separation farther 

Disturbed water, the only sign

The alligator has come to dine

Hunting or resting in a river chair 

Seat be still, yet his body moves

Unfathomable what god approves 

You are gone now and I am here

It is I you have to fear

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