Sacred Simplicity

Ornate thought compliments many topics but some states of mind are more conductive than others in the realm of self improvement.  

I’m prone to lengthy in-depth rumination which ultimately brings me no conclusion. My opinions bear several definitions of productivity but above all else, I’m found asking myself, “Is this necessary? Does this sustain me? Is this sustainable?” 

I overcomplicate regularly. Therefore, simplicity is sacred to me. Antidotal, after a hedonistic philosophical bender, simplicity grounds me. Not practicality or logical reasoning, but the bare most fundamental components. I can still allow myself fanciful realms of thought while remaining based in foundation.

As an autistic person, I want things to make sense but we exist in a word highly inhospitable to neurodivergency. I gravitate toward measurement and data hoarding to document and analyze what is otherwise incoherent to me; with lists, graphs, spreadsheets, I’m addicted to decoding patterns.

As a bonafide addict as well, I can feel a semblance of control when otherwise I feel powerless. 

When tacking the actions of life, this data-focused mentality is useful. My bipolar symptoms, active addictions, and other health habits are productive sources of data to use and make sense of life. No matter how complicated or convoluted a system, if I’m working to be aware of my ability to sustain myself, then it’s worth my time and energy so long as I’m kept motivated.

If my focus isn’t simple or concise, no rambling thoughts can clarify. As with most sacred experiences, simplicity comes suddenly as epiphany. Rarely can it be sought out.

A pinhole of discovery dawns and everything changes. Instantaneous, what would be pondered for days is satisfied in one brief moment.

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