The Whistle .2

A whistling in the hurricane
Out here, a song, so close and strange
Who’s whistling in this wind and rain?
Two steps out, door locks behind
Body bereft of a key to find
And whistling is growing nearer still
An eerie lilting tune, clear skill
In my life I’ve heard whistles of nature
Odd voices of gods in their nomenclature
Wind singing through the construction sites
But something new has found me tonight
Halted by air blast, breath ripped from lungs
Sucked by the storm, my body fast flung
The hurricane swallows all sound to hear
But a circling predator, note sharp and clear
I have to run but I can’t even move
How could anyone whistle aloof
What is out there
It’s here with me
Understanding wholly
What I cannot know
And there it goes
Drawing away slowly
Where are you leading me?

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