Poem and Thoughts About Clouds Over the Valley

Cumulus bundled mountain line
Our Appalachian remnants
Adorned by clouds built grand, enshrine
A reliant independence
Be celestial reflection in rupture
Bursting rolling hillscape
Scale the unstructured structure
Billowing, blooming, take shape
Air and water mine to climb
To find find footholds after stepping
Off the highest cliff

Taking apart the possessive nature of sight is a peculiar task which lands me in dreams. If my vision is mine but nothing else is, I must understand that what I see owns me. Luckily, when I’m looking, I’m not thinking. I am absorbed by my sight when I see those clouds on the horizon so high above the valley. When I began wanting to live, I gave myself to the world. I dream of decolonizing my mind and of fog, condensation, clouds, of how air can hold water so tenderly– the stairs above the mountains are not mine. I am honoured to give my sight to the clouds.

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