Color Connections Part 3/3

Spiritual correspondences refer to color psychology as they've developed in unison. Regardless of your personal lifestyle, humanity on whole has a deep long standing reliance on spirituality. Many religions are spiritual, many hobbies, philosophies, goals, careers, events, arts, stories, and histories are spiritual. Color is no different in how we've built our bonds. Our spirit … Continue reading Color Connections Part 3/3

The Antidote for Creative Blockages: Compassion and Curiosity

Building creativity is practice in being receptive and present. Nearly everyone struggles with this practice and it’s the unstable foundation of most problems, creative or otherwise. The equivalent of artist block can occur in any career, hobby, relationship, religion, lifestyle, etc, to any degree of severity. When we become insular and shut off, we struggle … Continue reading The Antidote for Creative Blockages: Compassion and Curiosity

“Draw a Sacred Circle Around Your Recovery”

You and I must remain protective and nurturing of our growth and healing. Prioritization is at times genuinely agonizing, the worst of most growing pains, because the way we prioritize is influenced by our very core, so to change, we must change our most inner structures. Consistency in our dedication to our development is not … Continue reading “Draw a Sacred Circle Around Your Recovery”