You Can Actually Trust These 15 Affirmations About Trust

I can’t read minds, all I can do is trust a person’s words and ask for clarification if I’m unsure of my interpretation. Evidence of trustworthiness is valuable to recognize. I don’t have to trust everyone all the time, but it’s unsustainable to never trust anyone. There are many different levels of trust, a small … Continue reading You Can Actually Trust These 15 Affirmations About Trust

Symbols of Presentation

Our behaviour, dress, habits, these are born of reactions in our inner world. Our self perception and realm of authenticity is influenced and expressed by a set of external symbols— representations of more complex subjects. Eye contact is symbolic, wearing jewelry is symbolic, our accent, inflections, our routine, our addictions, these outwardly simple expressions reference … Continue reading Symbols of Presentation

Codependency, Trauma, and Mental Illness

Interpersonal relationships are to be a source of self improvement practices, they ought to leave you feeling fulfilled, well rounded, and secure. These bonds need to be made sustainable if they should endure healthily for many years or a lifetime. Anyone will struggle with balancing relationships but people coping with mental illness or trauma can … Continue reading Codependency, Trauma, and Mental Illness