I Trust

Love has allowed me to wholly trust. Anything that shakes my faith has come to build it sturdier than ever. I’m not left without. I don’t lack in security, comfort, support, or commitment from my fiancé. I trust them because they’ve shown me I can, they’ve proven time and time again that we’re on a … Continue reading I Trust

Codependency, Trauma, and Mental Illness

Interpersonal relationships are to be a source of self improvement practices, they ought to leave you feeling fulfilled, well rounded, and secure. These bonds need to be made sustainable if they should endure healthily for many years or a lifetime. Anyone will struggle with balancing relationships but people coping with mental illness or trauma can … Continue reading Codependency, Trauma, and Mental Illness

Reading and Listening (Exposing Yourself to the Outside)

Two halves of a whole, the inside and outside. We desire and require a stable relationship with both. There is an outside and an inside and the outside is on the inside and the inside in the outside, and they are both eternally separate and intertwined. Sometimes the balance becomes uneven and we isolate ourselves, … Continue reading Reading and Listening (Exposing Yourself to the Outside)

Critical Thinking (Not Thinking Critically)

Being fully aware of thoughts and noticing problematic patterns can easily spawn new toxic mentalities. We might imagine it was easier before we were self aware, that we prefer being oblivious. There is technique to be practiced in critical thinking— there are nuances to understanding ourselves and trained compassion. My therapist gave me a phrase … Continue reading Critical Thinking (Not Thinking Critically)

Why “You’re Handling This Well” Can Be Damaging to Say

After trauma, betrayal, abandonment, sometimes being told you’re good at coping can be debilitating. There is no right way to respond to trauma. There are healthy and unhealthy ways of coping, but assigning ‘good’ to one thing implies the opposite is ‘bad’, often without knowing if that one way was actually healthy to begin with. … Continue reading Why “You’re Handling This Well” Can Be Damaging to Say

Learning Empathy: Acknowledging Projection

Being individuals means difficulties in interacting. Within our tentative social bonds we struggle to find balance in withholding and projecting, both protecting ourselves and projecting ourselves onto others.  The Cosmic Horror of Social Interaction is an existential game of defensiveness. Am I being misjudged? Am I misjudging someone else? There are rules we don’t know … Continue reading Learning Empathy: Acknowledging Projection