The concept of life purpose is undeniably silly in many ways— deciding we exist to learn and experience works around the absurdity. What twists an otherwise valuable riddle into an enormous joke is substituting goals as purpose.  We might wish to develop skills, careers, families, but to claim we live to do any of these … Continue reading Purpose

Liminal Power

Gradients, things that are not one nor the other, both and neither, points of contact and crossing, these are liminality. Many people are drawn to ambiguity. In anthropology, liminality applies to the state of being in between stages of life or rites of passage, but the word has crossed into a wider sense of ‘in … Continue reading Liminal Power

Grounding and Centering: What Does it Mean?

These terms are thrown around often without extrapolation. Grounding and centering relate to two relationships which help balance our psyche in both everyday life and in crisis. In both psychology and spirituality you’ll find various exercises to teach and strengthen these techniques. They’re proven valuable in mindfulness and meditation as the goal is to effectively … Continue reading Grounding and Centering: What Does it Mean?