Being Fungi

A spore adrift, hanging delicately in the air, is that me or what I give? Currents rise and fall so slight only the most fragile attest to its force. The mere drag of a leaf’s individual canopy catching air completely changes a spore’s path. Is empathy for the wild overshadowing the potential in domestication, the … Continue reading Being Fungi

Symbols of Presentation

Our behaviour, dress, habits, these are born of reactions in our inner world. Our self perception and realm of authenticity is influenced and expressed by a set of external symbols— representations of more complex subjects. Eye contact is symbolic, wearing jewelry is symbolic, our accent, inflections, our routine, our addictions, these outwardly simple expressions reference … Continue reading Symbols of Presentation

A Poem About Ouroboric Tendency

Procreant precedence of ouroboric tendency / What be the subtle natures of reality / Propagation and rearranged / Consistency / In conversion or transition or transformation / Unchanged structures with assiduity / Continually without ambiguity / Observable but oft / Not transcribable or describable / Yet unequivocal aloft mythical fictional thought / This nature is reciprocal

The Time and Emotion of an Alchemist’s Putrefaction

Decay is employed in various areas of alchemy, notably the beginning. That initial presentation is related but dissimilar to putrefaction— symbolically tied in destruction but of a different (spiritual) mechanical practice. The first is a sudden and drastic shift from perpetuation to change, as routines are shattered by the beginning of transmutation. In contrast, the … Continue reading The Time and Emotion of an Alchemist’s Putrefaction