Ouroboros of Internalized Blame

Internalizing blame is a poisonous self flagellation that I’ve routinely partaken in— training is needed to not. Consistent practice in releasing guilt must be utilized, processing the shame and being compassionate, tender to the raw wounds left behind. The world assumes we are complicit in our suffering. Victim blaming, classism, mental health stigma, the racist … Continue reading Ouroboros of Internalized Blame

Critique of Denying Artistic Influence

We are continually absorbing art, as sensory and perceptive organisms our internal mind is regurgitating external influence as our thoughts and ideas. Everything inside us has been affected by the outside world and it’s psychospiritual interpretations of influence into creative ideas. Recently I overheard a meeting between my fiancé and their peers in a studio … Continue reading Critique of Denying Artistic Influence