Resting Times

I haven’t written anything but lists and two brief personal reflections since November 30th due to burnout from completing NaNoWriMo, and taking the month to exist and absorb has caused me to realize the overexertion I’ve been putting my mind and body through. Farm work and art work reconcile almost too easily, they’re collaborative, both … Continue reading Resting Times

Feeling Through Media: Autism and Trauma

Media such as movies, books, tv shows, comics, etc, with characters and storytelling are often safer ways for neurodivergent people to experience the world, learn. We’re given moral lessons and understanding of how different people express and cope with emotions, but the consumption is regulated and handpicked by us. Our special interests are appealed or … Continue reading Feeling Through Media: Autism and Trauma

5 Ways to Recuperate and Still Be Productive

I have ADHD along with several other neurological and psychiatric disorders which has meant I require more rest breaks during tasks, need to identify obstacles, and learn to prioritize. Understanding our own personal needs is a crucial step in increasing our productivity as we can’t accommodate problems we haven’t familiarized ourselves with.  For myself, I … Continue reading 5 Ways to Recuperate and Still Be Productive