Grounding and Centering: What Does it Mean?

These terms are thrown around often without extrapolation. Grounding and centering relate to two relationships which help balance our psyche in both everyday life and in crisis. In both psychology and spirituality you’ll find various exercises to teach and strengthen these techniques. They’re proven valuable in mindfulness and meditation as the goal is to effectively … Continue reading Grounding and Centering: What Does it Mean?

Codependency, Trauma, and Mental Illness

Interpersonal relationships are to be a source of self improvement practices, they ought to leave you feeling fulfilled, well rounded, and secure. These bonds need to be made sustainable if they should endure healthily for many years or a lifetime. Anyone will struggle with balancing relationships but people coping with mental illness or trauma can … Continue reading Codependency, Trauma, and Mental Illness


I’ve always considered myself a very open minded person, but the truth is that I have hypercritical tendencies. Having opinions is important but I can be opinionated in excess— especially around social, spiritual, religious, cultural, economic, and political topics. While I only climb up on my soapbox in private about random people who have no … Continue reading Hypercritical