“Draw a Sacred Circle Around Your Recovery”

You and I must remain protective and nurturing of our growth and healing. Prioritization is at times genuinely agonizing, the worst of most growing pains, because the way we prioritize is influenced by our very core, so to change, we must change our most inner structures. Consistency in our dedication to our development is not … Continue reading “Draw a Sacred Circle Around Your Recovery”

Alchemy of Self: Separation Part 2

While focusing inward it’s impossible to fully separate the inside from the outside. Transforming ourselves and the way we think and act means understanding the relationship between us and the world around us.  During these meditations and thought journeys we find ourselves often faced with polarities. Understand that there is nothing inherently positive or negative … Continue reading Alchemy of Self: Separation Part 2


We haven’t solved any puzzles yet. Philosophy doesn’t offer solutions to living happier, fulfilled, balanced lives, or give true answers to the secret and meaning of life. Well, what’s the point of it then? The point is to explore. Philosophy feels the puzzles out, enjoys learning about experiences, wonders why we feel the need to … Continue reading Metaphilosophy