Being Fungi

A spore adrift, hanging delicately in the air, is that me or what I give? Currents rise and fall so slight only the most fragile attest to its force. The mere drag of a leaf’s individual canopy catching air completely changes a spore’s path. Is empathy for the wild overshadowing the potential in domestication, the … Continue reading Being Fungi

A Poem About A Body Talking

The knees warn of overuse, dry joints, they creak / As the stomach growls of hunger ready to speak / A low sound in the lungs, a rattling voice to seek / Reprieve from smoke as the teeth spoke, they reek / And throb, the inner ears do wail, whine, and shriek

Carrier: A Poem

Oh, the ghosts emerge, out / Preaching tonight / Going with, not going without / Hosts of slight sensory organs reaching for me / In greeting of screeching most gentle / I reciprocate freely / I walk with the parade until / We rest in the place our soul stayed / Where we bear our sleeping self / Ghosts come and go but never fade / Here, tonight, awake we delve / Into choice to offer / Hearing those with no voice, / Seen by them with no sight / And may the words of the preaching ghosts, / Breaching any barrier / And come to be a carrier / To you

A Poem About Ouroboric Tendency

Procreant precedence of ouroboric tendency / What be the subtle natures of reality / Propagation and rearranged / Consistency / In conversion or transition or transformation / Unchanged structures with assiduity / Continually without ambiguity / Observable but oft / Not transcribable or describable / Yet unequivocal aloft mythical fictional thought / This nature is reciprocal

A Poem for the Unpaid

are you afraid to be unpaid/recompense-less pretty haunt/for wishful blissful serenade/may underway expulsion daunt/ring the bell and yell grenade/all such exiled songs now flaunt/bombs away blows an unmade/lay away day who never dawned/gone astray withdrew conveyed/so worry not you will be paid


A combination of words which may be bound to chosen rules, even a choice of none: poetry is foremost a series of literary choices which form a final piece which is not (usually) called story, novel, article. At times poetry is prose. At times it’s defined by its structure or theme. At times it’s verse, … Continue reading Poetry