A Poem About A Body Talking

The knees warn of overuse, dry joints, they creak / As the stomach growls of hunger ready to speak / A low sound in the lungs, a rattling voice to seek / Reprieve from smoke as the teeth spoke, they reek / And throb, the inner ears do wail, whine, and shriek

Resting Times

I haven’t written anything but lists and two brief personal reflections since November 30th due to burnout from completing NaNoWriMo, and taking the month to exist and absorb has caused me to realize the overexertion I’ve been putting my mind and body through. Farm work and art work reconcile almost too easily, they’re collaborative, both … Continue reading Resting Times

Grounding and Centering: What Does it Mean?

These terms are thrown around often without extrapolation. Grounding and centering relate to two relationships which help balance our psyche in both everyday life and in crisis. In both psychology and spirituality you’ll find various exercises to teach and strengthen these techniques. They’re proven valuable in mindfulness and meditation as the goal is to effectively … Continue reading Grounding and Centering: What Does it Mean?