Finding Spirituality Through Our Values

Spirituality, the sibling of religion with its own individuality, is unique in its theosophical family. We may base religion on our morals through structure and doctrine whereas spirituality exists within us and is personalized to our own signature. Religious views may align with our values but spirituality is built from our values.  Consider institutes and … Continue reading Finding Spirituality Through Our Values


We haven’t solved any puzzles yet. Philosophy doesn’t offer solutions to living happier, fulfilled, balanced lives, or give true answers to the secret and meaning of life. Well, what’s the point of it then? The point is to explore. Philosophy feels the puzzles out, enjoys learning about experiences, wonders why we feel the need to … Continue reading Metaphilosophy

Learning to Flow: Word Counts and Short Story Writing Goals

I’ve dedicated this month of November to finishing the first draft of my short story compilation during the annual novel writing contest NaNoWriMo. On November 24 I surpassed the 50k word count that signifies a winner and continued on as my compilation wasn’t complete. Yesterday, just a day or so shy of December 1st, I … Continue reading Learning to Flow: Word Counts and Short Story Writing Goals