Art to Check Out (Petroglyphs, a Gay Kiss, and a Belt of Stone, Coral, and Bone)

My writing has been minimal the last couple months, partially due to my wedding and honeymoon, but I've been absorbing some old favourites and new discoveries in the art world. I encourage you to follow the links to view the works on their websites or gallery pages. The first is someone I've been following for … Continue reading Art to Check Out (Petroglyphs, a Gay Kiss, and a Belt of Stone, Coral, and Bone)

Being Fungi

A spore adrift, hanging delicately in the air, is that me or what I give? Currents rise and fall so slight only the most fragile attest to its force. The mere drag of a leaf’s individual canopy catching air completely changes a spore’s path. Is empathy for the wild overshadowing the potential in domestication, the … Continue reading Being Fungi

Learning About Learning About Learning

Accepting the process of learning: difficult at times, but at other times, easy, natural, instinctive, simple. The carrying out of life is fraught with inconsistencies and surreal coincidences and I don’t understand any of it but I’ve still learnt. When I’m older, I might better understand the circumstantial variables, today I merely need to be … Continue reading Learning About Learning About Learning

Inspiration as Proof of the Soul

All ideas come from somewhere. They’re a reaction, like fire, spawned from a connection. This is inspiration. The moment a connection is made between you and the subject, tinder and heat, some intrigue or recognition begins creating something new that’s neither tinder nor heat. Layers, boundaries, and relationships are the equation for inspiration. An idea … Continue reading Inspiration as Proof of the Soul